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The Imagen 3320 printer called Maple is a 300-dot-per-inch laser printer
located in MJH 343 (small room opposite the MJH lounge).  It is connected
to the Ethernet and thus generally reachable from any Ethernet host with
appropriate spooling software.

The file format used by Imagen printers is called imPress format.  The
Maple spooler on SAIL can convert plain text into imPress files to be
printed, using the XGP or TeX font of your choice.  A file already in
imPress format should have extension .IMP or be spooled with the /IMPRESS
switch.  TEX output (DVI files) can be sent to the Maple spooler by the
program DVImaple.  DVImaple converts a DVI file to an imPress file, which
it then spools on Maple.

Here are the monitor commands for spooling, showing status, and unspooling:

    MAPLE <filename>       spools the file on the Maple printer
    R DVImaple;<filename>  spools a DVI file (TEX output) on Maple
    Q/M                    reports the Maple spooler status and queue
    UNSPOOL/M              allows you to cancel any Maple requests of yours

For complete spooler documentation, see the SPOOL appendix of the
Monitor Command Manual, online as MONCOM.BH[S,DOC], with updates