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\CHeuristic Programming Project 1980
\CDepartment of Computer Science
\CStanford University

\JThis brochure provides a description of the Artificial Intelligence
research carried out by Stanford's Heuristic Programming Project and
of the major systems developed by the Project since it was founded in
1965, including DENDRAL, MYCIN, and MOLGEN.  These programs and others
developed at HPP helped establish the field of knowledge engineering.  

An article on the history of the Project and a glossary of relevant
terms are followed by short descriptions of 16 AI programs grouped
according to special applications in science, medicine, engineering, and
education.  Four more systems, designed at the Project as software tools
for the knowledge-engineer, are also described, as are the AI Handbook
project and the SUMEX-AIM national computational resource network for
research in AI applications in biology and medicine.  Listings of
the Project's staff (1965-1980), Ph.D. dissertations, funding sources,
and recommended related readings are appended.

The cost of this informative brochure is just
$2.75 each (payment required in advance).
Order your copy today by completing the form below.\.

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