perm filename HOST[3,2]1 blob sn#105563 filedate 1974-06-06 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
To get information on the correspondence between ARPA host names and
numbers, type the command
	R HOST;site
where "site" can be a decimal host number or a host name.  Partial
names are recognized as by TELNET and FTP, but in the case of an
ambiguous name you will be told all of the possible meanings.  The
program lists the host's full name and number, and its short name
if we have one for it.  After listing the results it types an
asterisk and will accept more site names or numbers.  If you give
it an empty line as input, it will list all hosts we know about.
If you give it something it doesn't like, it will remind you what
a site name looks like.