perm filename HOST[3,2] blob sn#835077 filedate 1987-02-25 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
The HOST command is used to look up information in the host table about a
particular host name or host number.  This information includes the
official name of the host if the given name is a nickname, all addresses
known for the host, whether the host is a user or a server, the host
machine and operating system.

To use HOST, type HOST followed by the host name (or any abbreviation) you
want to look for, or an address (host number), and <return>.  The program
will print all hosts (and nicknames) that match the input specification.
For example:

	.HOST SAIL		(describe host named "SAIL")
	.HOST	(describe Internet host
	.HOST 126#302		(describe Stanford Ethernet host 126#302)

Please do not use this command if you are not at a local terminal.  The
official source of host information on the Internet is at SRI-NIC.ARPA, and
in the domain databases distributed around the network.