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STAN-CS-78-700 (HPP-78-28, AD-A068 230), Reid Garfield Smith (Thesis),
"A Framework for Problem Solving in a Distributed Processing Environment",
150 pages, December 1978.

STAN-CS-79-701, Mitch L Model (Thesis),
"Monitoring System Behavior in a Complex Computational Environment",
189 pages, January 1979.  

STAN-CS-79-702, Yossi Shiloach,
"An O(n|cdIlog↑2I) Maximum-Flow Algorithm",
33 pages, January 1979.  

STAN-CS-79-703 (AD-A068 228), Bengt Aspval and Yossi Shiloach,
"A Polynomial Time Algorithm for Solving Systems of Linear Inequalities With
Two Variables Per Inequality",
25 pages, January 1979.  

STAN-CS-79-704 (AD-A068 232), Roland A. Sweet,
"A Survey of the State of Software for Partial Differential Equations",
31 pages, January 1979.  

STAN-CS-79-705, Robert Lewis (Scot) Drysdale, III (Thesis),
"Generalized Voronoi Diagrams and Geometric Searching",
196 pages, January 1979.  

STAN-CS-79-706, F. Francis Yao,
"Graph 2-Isomorphism is NP-Complete",
12 pages, January 1979.  

STAN-CS-79-707, Chris Van Wyk and Donald E. Knuth,
"A Programming and Problem-Solving Seminar",
83 pages, January 1979.  

STAN-CS-79-708, Andrew C. Yao,
"An Analysis of a Memory Allocation Scheme for Implementing Stacks",
18 pages, January 1979.  

STAN-CS-78-709 (AD-A068 231), Mark R. Brown and Robert E. Tarjan,
"Design and Analysis of a Data Structure for Representing Sorted Lines",
50 pages, December 1978.  

STAN-CS-79-710 (AD-A068 210), Lloyd Trefethen,
"Numerical Computation of the Schwarz-Christoffel Transformation",
42 pages, 1979.  

STAN-CS-78-711, Tom Michael Mitchell (Thesis),
"Version Spaces:  An Approach to Concept Learning",
216 pages, December 1978.  

STAN-CS-79-712 (AD-A068 393), Donald E. Knuth,
"The Errata of Computer Programming",
58 pages, January 1979.  

STAN-CS-79-713, Gene Golub, Stephen Nash and Charles Van Loan,
"A Hessenberg-Schur Method for the Problem AX + XB = C",
50 pages, January 1979.  

STAN-CS-79-714 (CSL-TN-160), Fernando Castaneda, Frederick Chow, Peter Nye,
Dan Sleator and Gio Wiederhold,
"PCFORT:  A Fortran-to-Pcode Translator",
January 1979.

STAN-CS-79-715 (CSL-TN-161), Brent T. Hailpern and Bruce L. Hitson,
"S-1 Architecture Manual",
January 1979.

STAN-CS-79-716 (AIM-322), Michael Georgeff,
"A Framework for Control in Production Systems",
35 pages, January 1979.  

STAN-CS-79-717 (AIM-324), Robert Cartwright and John McCarthy,
"Recursive Programs as Functions in a First Order Theory",
32 pages, March 1979.  

STAN-CS-79-718 (AIM-323), Shahid Mujtaba and Ron Goldman,
"AL Users' Manual",
136 pages, January 1979.  

STAN-CS-79-719, Petter Bjorstad, Germund Dahlquist and Eric Grosse,
"Extrapolation of Asymptotic Expansions by a Modified Aitken %2d%1↑2-Formula",
54 pages, February 1979.  

STAN-CS-79-720, R. Glowinski,
"On Grid Optimization for Boundary Value Problems",
22 pages, February 1979.  

STAN-CS-79-721, Andrew C. Yao and F. Frances Yao,
"On Fault-Tolerant Networks for Sorting",
20 pages, February 1979.  

STAN-CS-79-722 (AD-A074 077), Gio Wiederhold and Ramez El-Masri,
"A Structural Model for Database Systems"
57 pages, March 1979.  

STAN-CS-79-723 (AD-A074 076), Edward H. Shortliffe, Bruce G. Buchanan and Edward A. Feigenbaum,
"Knowledge Engineering for Medical Decision Making:  a review of computer-based
clinical decision aids",
52 pages, February 1979.  

STAN-CS-79-724 (AIM-325), John McCarthy,
"First Order Theories of Individual Concepts and Propositions",
19 pages, March 1979.  

STAN-CS-79-725 (AIM-326), John McCarthy,
"Ascribing Mental Qualities to Machines",
25 pages, March 1979.  

STAN-CS-79-726, Andrew Chi-Chih Yao,
"An Analysis of (h,k,l)-Shellsort",
55 pages, March 1979.  

STAN-CS-79-727 (AIM-327), Robert Elliot Filman (Thesis),
"The Interaction of Observation and Inference",
235 pages, March 1979.  

STAN-CS-79-728, Yossi Shiloach,
"Union-Member Algorithms for Non-Disjoint Sets",
12 pages, January 1979.  

STAN-CS-79-729 (AD-A068 229), Robert Endre Tarjan,
"A Unified Approach to Path Problems",
43 pages, April 1979.  

STAN-CS-79-730, Frank M. Liang,
"Qualifying Examinations in Computer Science, 1965-1978",
238 pages.  

STAN-CS-79-731 (PVG-11, AD-A071 900),
D.C. Luckham, S.M. German F.W. von Henke, R.A. Karp, P.W. Milne, D.C. Oppen,
W. Polak, and W.L. Scherlis,
"Stanford PASCAL Verifier User Manual",
April 1979.

STAN-CS-79-732, Donald R. Woods,
"Notes on Introductory Combinatorics",
120 pages, April 1979.

STAN-CS-79-733, Andrew Chi-Chih Yao,
"A Lower Bound to Finding Convex Hulls",
22 pages, April 1979.  

STAN-CS-79-734 (AD-A074 079), Robert Endre Tarjan,
"Fast Algorithms for Solving Path Problems",
49 pages, April 1979.  

STAN-CS-79-735, J. H. Wilkinson,
"Kronecker's Canonical Form and the QZ Algorithm",
23 pages, April 1979.

STAN-CS-79-736, J. H. Wilkinson,
"Note on the Practical Significance of the Drazin Inverse",
20 pages, April 1979.

STAN-CS-79-737, Andrew C. Yao and F. Frances Yao,
"On the Average-case Complexity of Selecting the k-th Best",
45 pages, April 1979.

STAN-CS-79-738 (SU326 P30-65), Randall LeVeque, Germund Dahlquist
and Dan Andree,
"Computations Related to G-Stability of Linear Multistep Methods",
27 pages, May 1979.

STAN-CS-79-739 (HPP-79-14, AD-A074 075), J. R. Quinlan,
"Induction Over Large Data Bases",
19 pages, May 1979.

STAN-CS-79-740 (PVG-12), R. S. Cartwright and D. C. Oppen,
"The Logic of Aliasing",
24 pages, May 1979.

STAN-CS-79-741, Lyle Harold Ramshaw (Thesis),
"Formalizing the Analysis of Algorithms",
123 pages, June 1979.

STAN-CS-79-742 (HPP-79-12, AD-A074 078), Anne Gardner,
"Handbook of Artificial Intelligence:  Search",
100 pages, June l979.

STAN-CS-79-743 (AIM-328), Juan Bulnes-Rozas (Thesis),
"GOAL: A Goal Oriented Command Language for Interactive Proof Construction",
175 pages, June 1979.

STAN-CS-79-744 (CSL-TR-172), Hector Garcia-Molina (Thesis),
"Performance of Update Algorithms for Replicated Data in a Distributed Database",
320 pages, June 1979.

STAN-CS-79-745, Thomas Lengauer (Thesis),
"Upper and Lower Bounds on Time-Space Tradeoffs in a Pebble Game",
82 pages, July 1979.

STAN-CS-79-746, Alan Borning (Thesis),
"ThingLab -- A Constraint-Oriented Simulation Laboratory",
109 pages, July 1979.

STAN-CS-79-747 (AIM-329), David E. Wilkins (Thesis),
"Using Patterns and Plans to Solve Problems and Control Search",
264 pages, June 1979.

STAN-CS-79-748, David Y. Y. Yun,
"Fast Algorithms for Solving Toeplitz System of Equations and Finding Rational
Interpolants", 9 pages, July 1979.

STAN-CS-79-749 (HPP-79-17), William Clancey, James Bennett and Paul Cohen,
"Applications-Oriented AI Research:  Education",
60 pages, July 1979.

STAN-CS-79-750, Peter Gacs and Laszlo Lovasz,
"Khachian's Algorithm for Linear Programming",
12 pages, July 1979.

STAN-CS-79-751 (AIM-330), Zohar Manna and Amir Pnueli,
"The Model Logic of Programs",
36 pages, September 1979.

STAN-CS-79-752, Michael Lockhart Overton (Thesis),
"Projected Lagrangian Algorithms for Nonlinear Minimax and l↓1 Optimization",
164 pages, July 1979.

STAN-CS-79-753, Andrew Chi-Chih Yao,
"Should Tables Be Sorted?",
36 pages, July 1979.

STAN-CS-79-754 (HPP-79-21), Anne Gardner, James Davidson and Terry Winograd,
"Natural Language Understanding",
100 pages, July 1979.

STAN-CS-79-755 (AIM-331), Elaine Kant (Thesis),
"Efficiency Considerations in Program Synthesis: A Knowledge-Based Approach",
160 pages, July 1979.

STAN-CS-79-756 (HPP-79-22), James S. Bennett, Bruce G. Buchanan, Paul R. Cohen
and Fritz Fisher,
"Applications-Oriented AI Research: Science and Mathematics",
110 pages, July 1979.

STAN-CS-79-757 (HPP-79-23), Victor B. Clesielski, James S. Bennett and Paul R. Cohen,
"Applications-Oriented AI Research: Medicine",
40 pages, July 1979.

STAN-CS-79-578 (HPP-79-24), Robert Elschlager and Jorge Phillips,
"Automatic Programming",
100 pages, July 1979.

STAN-CS-79-759 (HPP-79-25), Alain Bonnet,
"Schema-Shift Strategies for Understanding Structured Texts in Natural Language",
40 pages, July 1979.

STAN-CS-79-760, R. L. Graham, A. C. Yao and F. F. Yao,
"Some Monotonicity Properties of Partial Orders",
21 pages, September 1979.

STAN-CS-79-761, Douglas B. West,
"Gossiping Without Duplicate Transmissions",
7 pages, September 1979.

STAN-CS-79-762 (AIM-332), Donald E. Knuth,
"METAFONT, a system for alphabet design",
110 pages, September 1979.

STAN-CS-79-763, Douglas B. West,
"A Symmetric Chain Decomposition of L(4,n)",
15 pages, September 1979.

STAN-CS-79-764, Andrew Chi-Chih Yao,
"On the Time-Space Tradeoff for Sorting with Linear Queries",
33 pages, September 1979.

STAN-CS-79-765, Peter Gacs,
"Relation Between the Complexity and the Probability of Large Numbers",
8 pages, September 1979.

STAN-CS-79-766 (SU326 P3069), J. Kautsky and N. K. Nichols,
"Equidistributing Meshes with Constraints",
27 pages, September 1979.

STAN-CS-79-767, Charles Van Loan,
"On Stewart's Singular Value Decomposition for Partitioned Orthogonal Matrices",
17 pages, September 1979.

STAN-CS-79-768, Peter Gacs and Leonid A. Levin,
"Causal Networks on What Is a Deterministic Computation?",
24 pages, September 1979.

STAN-CS-79-769, William John Clancey (Thesis),
"Transfer of Rule-Based Expertise Through a Tutorial Dialogue",
462 pages, September 1979.

STAN-CS-79-770, Derek C. Oppen,
"Pretty Printing", 20 pages, October 1979.

STAN-CS-771 (HPP-79-29), Peter E. Friedland (Thesis),
"Knowldge-Based Experiment Design in Molecular Genetics",
137 pages, August 1979.