perm filename HOBIE3[1,VDS] blob sn#082275 filedate 1974-01-15 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
00100						3689 South Court
00200						Palo Alto, Ca. 94306
00300						December 7, 1973
00500	Mr. Jack Otis
00510	O'Neills Yacht Center
00520	2222 East Cliff Drive
00530	Santa Cruz, Ca. 95060
00900	Dear Jack:
01100		I was looking forward to seeing you at  the  boat  show.  Lee
01200	seemed  to  think  that  your arrival was imminent, but alas, I could
01300	wait no longer. Our deal is still on.  I'm looking forward to picking
01400	up  the  boat  sometime  between now and say the middle of March.  To
01500	save any possible hassle with taxes, I would hope to pick the boat up
01600	after  March  1,  but should you want me to take it away before then,
01700	I'll do so.  In the meantime take good care of  it,  'cause  I  don't
01800	want to come down there to find it in unsatisfactory shape.
01850	nd find it
02000		To  recap  the  situation.  Instead of the new boat, you will
02100	give me the display boat you presently  have.   This  boat  meets  my
02200	color  requirements, and has never been in the water.  It also has no
02300	dents or deep scratches.  You will also have somebody touch it  up  a
02400	bit  to  remove  any  ocean grime or corrosion which may have started
02500	while sitting outside. All the rigging will be new, straight from the
02600	factory  equipment.   The  sail  will have the yellow band and my old
02700	boat number (#27). As I understand things, you are ordering it  as  a
02800	replacement sail, and will notify me when it has been delivered.  The
02900	trampoline will also be yellow and brand new.
03100		The new trailer and $50 worth  of  accessories  and  fittings
03200	(based  on  your  cost)  will complete the package for the originally
03300	agreed upon price of $1760 plus 5% state sales tax.
03500		So let me know when things are all ready.  I'll be  away  for
03600	the first couple of weeks in February so hold tight if no one answers
03700	the phone- 415-321-1440 (come to think of it the phone  company  said
03800	they were going to change my number about Feb. 10- so dial my present
03900	number and they will give you a message plus my new one).
04200						Sincerely,
04700						Vic Scheinman