perm filename HOBIE2[1,VDS] blob sn#081088 filedate 1974-01-07 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
00100						3689 South Court
00200						Palo Alto, Ca. 94306
00300						December 7, 1973
00500	Mr. Jack Otis
00600	O'Neills Yacht Center
00700	2222 East Cliff Drive
00800	Santa Cruz, Ca. 95060
01100	Dear Jack:
01300		I feel compelled to write you a few words, covering  some  of
01400	my  thoughts (first and second) following my phone conversations with
01500	you last Friday.
01700		Yes, I still want a new Hobie16,  and  my  interest  has  not
01800	changed since our discussion last November, and just recently. But as
01900	I mentioned in our conversations, I really want to get one  which  is
02000	the latest design in every way, with no defects.
02200		I  had  hoped  that by giving you 3 months to get a boat, you
02300	could take advantage of any special deals that Coast Catamaran  would
02400	offer  at the boat show comming up this week.  I still hope that this
02500	will be the case, and I will go to the show to see  just  what  deals
02600	they are giving out, and also just what the competition is doing.  If
02700	there are no really  good  deals,  or  else  it  still  doesn't  look
02800	feasable,  the  outside show boat you have will be OK providing it is
02900	in just about perfect shape as you say it is.  I am being  particular
03000	on this point because my present Hobie was also a boat like that, and
03100	as you know, one casting is still cracked, and it  did  come  with  a
03200	large  dent in the rear cross tube, a probable result of dropping the
03300	boat sometime during your display or demonstration of it.   I  assume
03400	that  you have learned more about the care and feeding of Hobie's and
03500	their owners in the 3 years since, and trust that  as  you  say,  the
03600	present boat that you have is in almost new condition, save for a bit
03700	of fading and weathering due to its being outside.
03900		I'll see you at the show, or if not, I'll call  you  sometime
04000	next week to confirm the final details.  In the meantime, assume that
04100	the display boat is sold to me, unless you know that Coast Cat.  will
04200	be  giving  $100  off deals at the show in which case I feel that you
04300	should try to get me a boxed, new boat.
04600						Sincerely,
05100						Vic Scheinman