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Fromme ADD 280
    SACRAMENTO, Calif., Fromme Bjt 5th NL 2nd add: said.
    For a time, it appeared the jurors would be spending Thanksgiving in
deliberation. The judge had even made arrangements for a turkey
dinner for them.
    The law under which Miss Fromme was convicted was enacted after the
1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Miss Fromme was the
first person indicted under the statute, which makes it a federal
crime to assassinate, try to assassinate, or assault a President.
    But within the same month that Miss Fromme was arrested, another
California woman, Sara Jane Moore, 45, was indicted on the same charge
in San Francisco. Miss Moore allegedly fired a gun at Ford as he
passed through a crowd outside the St. Francis Hotel on Sept. 21. She
is scheduled to stand trial Dec. 15.
    Miss Fromme, 27, was one of the initial followers of Manson, an
ex-convict who became the guru of a band of wandering youngsters in
the 1960s. He and three women followers were convicted of the 1969
murders of actress Sharon Tate and six other persons.
    Throughout Manson's 1970-71 trial, Miss Fromme camped outside the
courthouse and talked of Manson's ideas to all who would listen. After
he was convicted, she campaigned for his release and dedicated her
life to him. She told Judge MacBride early in her trial, ''the Manson
family is my own heartbeat.''
    Miss Fromme claimed she never intended to kill Ford and only pointed
the gun at him to gain attention for her cause - a new trial for
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