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There is no general guest account on this system.
There are some commands that can be given without an account, as
listed below.  If you need to know more about any of these, type
"HELP <topic><carriage return>". For information on special control
characters and commands, type "HELP TTY".

WHO, FINGER, WHERE, WHEN provide information about people and jobs
	currently running.
MAIL, SEND, GRIPE permit you to send messages and converse with
	people on the system.  (You can use SEND to ask someone
	who is logged in to form a two-way link with you.)
DIR lists the files in specified directories.
TYPE lets you type out the contents of text files.
FIND searches text files and prints those paragraphs that contain
	specified keywords.

If you need to do more than the above programs permit, say "HELP LOGIN".