perm filename GRIPES[DOC,AIL]1 blob sn#083811 filedate 1974-01-28 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
00200	∂16-DEC-73  1129		1,DCS
00300	 Official comment:
00400	   Why was NOMAC done as prefix operator instead of fn. call like CVMS.
00500	 NOMAC id,
00600	 CVMS(id),
00700	 and id ...,
00800	 represent the three manifestations of that identifier: name, unevaluated
00900	 value, and value; other languages which interpret things dynamically 
01000	 recognize this trinity (forgive me).  I think the syntax should be a bit
01100	 more unified.  (maybe let me say NOMAC(id) as well, or perhaps CVNAME(id)?
01300	 Bitch, bitch, bitch!!
01500	∂22-JAN-73			LDE
01700	 Need XLIST, LIST type things for suppressing portions of SAIL listings.
01800	∂25-JAN-73
01820	Can't compile from dectapes.
02000	RTRAN,PTRAN run very slowly, couldn't many of the small procedures be
02100	made SIMPLE.