perm filename GF[3,2] blob sn#830734 filedate 1986-12-21 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
GF fonts on SAIL are not all stored in a single directory, because this
would make file lookup take a very long time.  A separate directory has
been created for each resolution, so that to find, for instance, CMR10 at
300 pixels/inch (which would be CMR10.300GF on most file systems) you
should look for CMR10.300[300,GF].  Font names longer than 6 characters
are abbreviated by taking the first three and last three characters of
the name, e.g., CMSLTT10 becomes CMST10.

The following directories hold the standard set of CM fonts, and possibly
various other fonts.

		Data Disk	Old Imagen	Imagen
		70/inch		240/inch	300/inch

magstep 0	[101,GF]	[240,GF]	[300,GF]
magstep .5	[110,GF]	[263,GF]	[329,GF]
magstep 1	[121,GF]	[288,GF]	[360,GF]
magstep 2	[145,GF]	[346,GF]	[432,GF]
magstep 3	[174,GF]	[415,GF]	[518,GF]
magstep 4	[209,GF]	[498,GF]	[622,GF]
magstep 5	[251,GF]	[597,GF]	[746,GF]

(The Data Disk fonts have an extra magstep 2 factor to account for the
default magnification used by DVIDD.)