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This list of games at SU-AI is probably not complete.  Add new entries to
GAMES[3,2] if you know of any.  (DD) preceding a description means the game
requires a Data Disc terminal to run.

Game	Author/		Description

ADVENT	DON		"Adventure" treasure-hunting solitaire
BJ	FY		Casino blackjack simulation
BLOOP	DON		"Bugs and Loops" Turing Machine game
CCLOCK	DON	   (DD)	Chess Clock
CRYPTO	DON		Cryptogram-solving assistant
DCHESS	Greenblatt (DD)	Computer Chess
GO	Ryder      (DD)	Computer Go
GOGAME	DON		Go referee
HAUNT	Laird		Another treasure-hunting game
LIFE	RWG/TVR	   (DD)	Conway's Life game
SOLITR	FY		Single-deck solitaire
SPIDER	DON		Double-deck solitaire

Documentation on these games varies; use the READ command to find files
for most of them.  A few are self-documenting when you run them.