perm filename FTP[3,2]1 blob sn#017573 filedate 1972-12-25 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
	The FTP program implements file transfer from/to Stanford AI
Laboratory to/from other sites on the ARPA network.  When TALKER
is run, it will ask for a site name, and initiate connection to
that site.  This is done in the same manner as in the TALKER, except
that connection is made to a file transfer protocol server program,
rather than a listener-type telnet. If/when connection is established,
you may type the following commands:
  BYTE 36
  RETR <local file spec> ← <foreign file spec>
  STOR <local file spec> → <foreign file spec> (Note the delimiter in
     the STOR command is right arrow (CTRL Y, octal 031) which appears
     between <local file spec> and <foreign file spec>.)
  USER <user-id for foreign site, if required>
  PASS <password for foreign site, if required>
  ACCT <account # for foreign site, if required>
  QUOT <any character string>
All commands must be terminated with a <CRLF>. Currently, we implement only
36-bit byte, image type, stream mode transfers.  For more infomation, see