perm filename FRAID[3,2]1 blob sn#571424 filedate 1981-03-11 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
The program FRAID is a version of the RAID debugger (READ RAID for
complete documentation) for looking at and/or modifying disk files
(instead of core images, which normal RAID handles).  To run FRAID, give
the monitor command:

FRAID <filename><optional switches>

The <optional switches> can include any of the following:
  /D  the file is a DMP-format file (this is the default)
  /N  the file is Not a DMP file
  /R  open the file only for Reading (this is the default)
  /W  open the file for Writing
With the (default) /D switch, the extension .DMP is assumed.  With
DMP files, locations 0 through 73 cannot be viewed since they are not
stored in the DMP file.

If FRAID is run in /W (file writable) mode, all changes made in the core
version of the file are immediately written onto the disk.

If any error occurs in parsing the command line or in opening the file,
then FRAID reverts to asking explicit questions about the modes and

Note that FRAID does not allow a device to be specified for the file.  To
FRAID a file on a UDP, you must assign the UDP as DSK.