perm filename FORD.LET[DOC,AIL] blob sn#106778 filedate 1974-06-16 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
\←3\→.30 March 1974

\←3\→.Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
\←3\→.Department of Computer Science
\←3\→.Stanford University
\←3\→.Stanford, California 94305
\←3\→.(415) 321-2300 x4971

Dr. Neal Laurance
Manager, Control Systems
Ford Motor Company

Room 145
Cooley Electronics Laboratory
The University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michegan 48105

Dear Neal:

\F1\JVery sorry about the delay in getting this tape back to you.
It arrived while we were in the midst of merging a number of (conditionally
assembled) TENEX modifications to the source files, and I was reluctant
to send you an inconsistent set of files.  The files I'm sending have
been tested to some extent here at Stanford (e.g. the compiler produces
the same code now as it did before we started adding things to the
source files), and to a much lesser extent as an export system.  So I
don't think that any new bugs were added during our latest set of edits,
which also fixed a number of things that were wrong with earlier export
versions.  However, I've included the .REL files for the older "export"
SAIL (extension .ORL), so you won't be left entirely high and dry by some
new bug that hasn't been discovered yet.

I'm afraid our FAIL is also in the midst of modification.  Therefore, I'm
sending you a source file "FAIL.FEB" from last February, as well as a
current FAIL and FAIL.REL, which should give you some protection against
new bugs which may only show up for export.  Also, if you like, I can send
another set of files when things settle down.

All files on the tape were written "straight" by our program COPY -- I.e. There are
no header records or other strangenesses.  The first file on the tape, FILES,
is essentially an ordered list of all the files
on the tape.  (The tape was made by the command "COPY MTA0:←@FILES" ).
Directions for putting up a SAIL system may be found in TELLEM, which
is the second file on the tape.  (This document has been much updated
from any older version which you may have).  One final note: we aren't
quite ready to export the TENEX version, which requires a couple
files which aren't on the tape.  I understand that you have a standard
DEC system, so this shouldn't bother you too much.

Good luck.  Feel free to let me know if you have any problems, or if there
is anything else we can do for you.\.

\←3\→.Yours Truly

\←3\→.Russell H. Taylor