perm filename FONT[3,2]1 blob sn#150231 filedate 1975-03-16 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
To see sample of one font on Datadisk, R DDFONT -- Most of the fonts are located
  on *.FNT[XGP,SYS].
To see text (from file or TTY) displayed in one font on Datadisk, RU ZEOYS[MAP,RF].
To create a new font or edit characters in an existing font, R EDFONT (many bugs).
To edit and examine the magic parameters of a font, RU FONT[S,BH].
To merge two fonts, selecting characters from each, R COMBIN.
To binary-edit any file, such as a font file, R FILDDT (experts only).
To get a hardcopy of samples of all the fonts on [XGP,SYS], R SAMPLE, warning
  this uses a lot of paper and is not usually necessary because several people
  already have hardcopy font directories in their office bookshelves which you may
  refer to whenever you want (ask around).
Some of the above programs append the ".FNT[XGP,SYS]" if you leave it out, but all
  of them (I think) will accept the complete file name if you type it all.