perm filename FINGER[3,2] blob sn#335703 filedate 1978-02-23 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
To get a listing of the full names and locations of all users
currently logged in,  say "FINGER" or just "FING".  It works even if
you're not logged in.  The column labelled "IDLE" gives the number of
minutes since the job was last run (blank if less than 1).

If you say "FING <pn>" you will get information only about jobs
logged in with the given programmer name (1 to 3 characters).  If you
say "FING <string of characters>" it gives you information about the
person whose first and/or last name begins with the given string.  If
the string matches more than one person, FINGER gives you the list of

If the person you specify is not logged in, FINGER tells you when he
last logged out (normally) and prints his PLAN file, if any (see MAIL
program description).  The logout information will not be up-to-date
if he quit following a system crash.

For more information, say "READ FINGER" or "TYPE FINGER.LES[UP,DOC]".