perm filename FIND[3,2]4 blob sn#427399 filedate 1979-03-31 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
FIND allows fairly flexible search of any text file.

To find personnel information (full name, addr., tel., ppn.) about
someone, type:  "FIND PPN:<cr>", or "FIND Name<cr>".  The AI phone
directory will be searched, and the information printed.

To find a word or group of words in a file, type:
	"FIND word(s) IN file<cr>".

To find a word in the unabridged dictionary word list containing some
substring (e.g., to check the spelling of the rest of the word):
	"DFIND substring<cr>".

If you want fancier searches (searching for multiple keywords, or with
case being important, or ignoring certain characters, etc.) or if the
above does not work, READ FIND.

The FIND command has the following syntax:

	FIND{ WITHIN <delim>} <key>{ OMIT{TING} <omits>}{ IN <file>}

where <delim> is either a single character or one of the following
words:  MSG LINE PAGE PARAGRAPH GRAF.  For more detail, READ FIND.