perm filename FIND[3,2]1 blob sn#059647 filedate 1973-08-26 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
00100	FIND allows fairly flexible search of any text file.
00300	To find  personnel information (full name, addr., tel., ppn.)
00400	about someone, type:   "FIND PPN<cr>", or "FIND Name<cr>".
00800	The AI phone directory will be searched, and the information
00900	printed.
01100	To find a word or group of words in a file, type:
01300		"FIND word(s) IN file<cr>".
01500	If "word(s)" contains the word "IN", if you want fancier searches
01600	(ignoring multiple spaces, searching for multiple keywords, searching
01650	where case is important), or if the above does not work, read