perm filename FILES2[X,AIL] blob sn#106788 filedate 1974-06-16 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
FILES2[X,AIL],		;this file
HEAD[S,AIL]		;SAIL source
FOO2,			;SAIL source -- declares runtime routines
HEL,			;productions
PROD.QQQ,		;PTRAN output
SAIL,			;source file (compiler)
PARSE,			;source (compiler)
PROD,			;output of ptran
RESTAB,			;output of RTRAN
SYM,			;source file (compiler)
GEN,			;source (compiler)
ARRAY,			;source (compiler)
EXPRS,			;ditto
STATS,			;ditto
LEAP,			;ditto
TOTAL,			;ditto
PROCSS,			;ditto
COMSER,			;ditto
GOGOL,			;source (runtimes)
TRIGS,			;ditto
STRSER,			;ditto
IOSER,			;ditto
ARYSER,			;ditto
RECSER,			;ditto
UP,			;ditto -- sets a switch
LOW,			;ditto
TAILOR,			;used to make a segment
LEPRUN,			;source for runtimes
WRDGET,			;ditto
NWORLD,			;ditto
SPARES,			;ditto
ORDER,			;used to make library
DB,			;file that has FTDEBUG←←1 in it.
RUN,			;command file for making RUNTIM.REL
THAT,			;command file for making compiler
IT,			;command file for making the other compiler!
SGMNT			;command file for making second segment.