perm filename FILES[X,AIL]3 blob sn#063611 filedate 1973-09-23 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
FILES,			;this file
TELLEM[S,AIL],		;how to put up a SAIL system
SAIL.REL[X,AIL],	;debugging version of (export) compiler
LIBSA6.REL[X,AIL],	;export library
HEAD,			;SAIL source
FILSPC,			;SAIL source
FOO2,			;SAIL source -- declares runtime routines
HEL,			;productions
SAIL,			;source file (compiler)
PARSE,			;source (compiler)
PROD,			;output of ptran
RESTAB,			;output of RTRAN
SYM,			;source file (compiler)
GEN,			;source (compiler)
ARRAY,			;source (compiler)
EXPRS,			;ditto
STATS,			;ditto
LEAP,			;ditto
TOTAL,			;ditto
PROCSS,			;ditto
COMSER,			;ditto
GOGOL,			;source (runtimes)
STRSER,			;ditto
IOSER,			;ditto
ARYSER,			;ditto
UP,			;ditto -- sets a switch
LOW,			;ditto
TAILOR,			;used to make a segment
LEPRUN,			;source for runtimes
WRDGET,			;ditto
NWORLD,			;ditto
ORDER,			;used to make library
FAIL.REL,		;make from FAIL[CSP,SYS] with stansw off
PTRAN.SAI,		;compiles productions
RTRAN.SAI,		;makes reserved word table
SCNCMD.SAI,		;used by ptran & rtran
WNTSLS.SAI,		;ditto
MAKTAB.SAI,		;makes the break table file
BKTBL.BKT[1,3],		;break table file
2OPS2.OPS[1,3],		;op code file (used by compiler)
PROCES.DEF[1,3],	;useful macros for processes
PROFIL.SAI[X,AIL],	;counter system uses this
FAIL[CSP,SYS],		;users must edit this & turn off stansw
DDT[1,3],		;FAIL source for our DDT
SCISS.SAI[X,AIL],	;library maker
FAIL.PMP[S,DOC],	;FAIL document
ARRSER.SAI[1,DCS],	;array mangler & allocater
EXTEND.SAI[1,DCS],	;look and see
SRTSER.SAI[1,DCS],	;ditto
SYMSER.SAI[1,DCS],	;some symbol table routines
LP4MAT.SAI[LEP,JRL],	;symbolic LEAP dump
LPDUMP.SAI[LEP,JRL],	;binary LEAP dump
LPREAD.SAI[LEP,JRL],	;reads output of LPDUMP
CONST.HDR[LEP,JRL],	;JRL's header file for CONST.SAI
CONST.SAI[LEP,JRL],	;gives unique item for a constant
MUNGE.SAI[LEP,JRL],	;munges arrays
IOMODS.SAI[LEP,JRL],	;disk/tty io package
ABBREV.SAI[S,RHT],	;RHT's winning standard abbreviations
MACROS.SAI[S,RHT],	;RHT's standard macros
LEPAUX.SAI[S,RHT],	;RHT's leap extending routines
LEPAUX.HDR[S,RHT],	;header to request above
SPACE.HDR[S,RHT],	;gets & releases blocks of core (header file)
SPACE.FAI[S,RHT],	;procedures for above
IOMOD.HDR[S,RHT],	;RHT's tty/disk io package
IOMOD.SAI[S,RHT]	;procedures for above