perm filename FCOPY[3,2]1 blob sn#061488 filedate 1973-09-06 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
FCOPY is a program to convert between different font formats.  It
currently knows about font formats of Stanford, CMU and Xerox.  It
will also give some information about a font, i.e. its height, width,
and its baseline.  It will also print a sample on the XGP which
includes a table showing the correspondence to Stanford ASCII.  It
takes input in the following form:

<command> :: = <output file>←<input file>{/<switch>} |
	       <input file>{/<switch>}

FCOPY decides what conversion to make by the extension and may be
overridden with the switchs: STANFORD, CMU, and XEROX, where the
default extension are FNT, KST and XRX, respectively.

DISPLAY		Display font on Datadisc
SAMPLE		Print sample on XGP
INFO		Print information about file
FIX		Make into fix width font, of specified width.

Report any suggestions or problems to TVR.