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FASBOL is a somewhat flaky compiler for SNOBOL4; the documentation is
found in FASBOL.MJC[UP,DOC].  The local expert is Mike Clancy (MJC). 
SNOBOL4 itself is documented in "The SNOBOL4 Programming Language",
2nd ed., by Griswold, Poage, and Polonsky, Prentice-Hall, 1971.  To
run, type R FASBOL, then answer to the asterisk:
	<fail file>←<source file>
FASBOL puts the assembly language program it generates into <fail
file>, which has default extension .FAI, and then automatically swaps
to FAIL to translate the compiled code, creating in the process a
.REL file with the same name as <fail file>.  To execute the program,
type EX <file> .