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\CPALO ALTO, CA. 94306
\F4\←L\-R\/'7;\+R\→.\→S   Telephone:
\F1\COctober 28, 1975

New York, N.Y.

Dear XXX:
	Although  I am  not  much of  a  correspondent, I  have  been
prompted to  write this general letter to  all the "Scheinman" aunts,
and cousins.  Please excuse the formality of this  computer generated
letter, but  let me assure  you that  I personally have  composed and
produced this letter, using the computer merely as a printing aid.

	As we  all  know, my  father was  trustee  for the  Scheinman
trusts set  up by the will  of Grandpa Scheinman.   In going over the
documents kept by my father, I have found bank accounts for each aunt
and  cousin, and  an  additional  Trust Account  bank  account.   The
amounts  remaining in each  personal account vary  from individual to
individual.  The general trust account contains about $XXXX.XX at the
present time.   I am not  sure of the exact ownership  of this money,
but assume that it represents  an operating fund with equal  portions
attributable to each trustee account.  Since  my father's death these
accounts  have  been inactive  as it  appears  that he  was  the only
authorized name on the account.   In addition, I have been unable  to
find a mention of a successor trustee.

	As everyone probably desires to terminate the trust and close
out  their accounts, I  propose that I  be authorized to  act in your
behalf and proceed to have all the trust accounts terminated, and all
the funds  disbursed.  To  this end, I  also propose that  all of you
waive an official audit of the accounts, as it appears that the costs
of any  audit  would more  than equal  the  balances in  most of  the
accounts.   To furthur simplify  matters, I suggest  that the general
operating account be closed and the assets of this account, after all
expenses, be divided equally among  all the trusts, on the assumption
that the operating expenses of each trust are the same, regardless of
remaining value.

	I have talked to the accountant for these accounts, Mr. David
Mason, and he has advised me that there will be an expense for filing
of last year's and  this year's tax return,  plus next year's  return
should we not close the accounts before the end of the year.

	I  hope that  this  plan  is acceptable  to  all, and  it  is
agreeable to all that  I act in your behalf to close the accounts and
distribute the remaining funds. As I  am not a trustee, I will  agree
to perform all  the services at cost, with no  commission or personal
renumeration.  This will furthur simplify matters.
	I suggest  that each person sign and return the enclosed form
which will authorize me to act on your behalf to expedite the closing
of the trust accounts.

	I have enclosed a copy of the last page of your trust account
bankbook showing the approximate current balance and the most  recent
transactions. Interest due since my father's death  is not shown.  It
appears that all  the assets of the trust accounts are represented by
these bank accounts, and no  other assets are currently in stocks  or


Yours sincerely,

Vic Scheinman


\CLeonard Scheinman (deceased), trustee

\J	As no successor trustee has been designated, I hereby authorize 
Victor Scheinman (son of Leonard Scheinman) to act on my behalf to pay all due 
expenses and properly distribute all remaining funds to the assigned beneficiaries.

	Furthurmore, I waive the right to a formal audit of my trust account, and
agree to accept an informal statement by Victor Scheinman instead. I understand
that the current balance of my trust account is approximately  $XXXX.XX.\.

\R						Signed _________________________
\R							Xxxxxxxx Scheinman