perm filename FAILED.TXT[S,AIL] blob sn#129506 filedate 1974-11-13 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
Ok, I hacked setpri & made a trivial test case, which seems to
have worked.  Off hand, I'm not certain whether NWORLD will work
with your files.  I suggest you snarf it & see.  I expect it will
win for you.  If not you can always make an equivalent patch in
your old file.

I've been doing a little poking around wrt future maintainence
committments.  Unfortunately, Les is down at ACM.  I should be
able to get you some sort of reassurance by early next week, although,
as I mentioned, it seems to me that it is a bit too early to be making
any explicit plans.  As I understand it, what you really seem to
want now is some assurance that we will have someone (presumably,
someone who understands the system) who will take responsibility
for seeing to it that bugs get fixed within a reasonable time and
that whatever other maintainence that may be needed is done.
Furthermore, you seem to be willing to put up part of the support
for such a person.  So let me do a bit more poking & find out just 
who in the SAIL community around here has a stake in what.
I suspect that the problem is apt to be more one of getting
someone to say he will take the responsibility than of getting
someone to do the actual work.  E.g., there's a grad student
out here working on a SAIL debugger (John Reiser).  I suspect
that he can be talked into acting as despatcher & bug fixer.
He's the logical person, actually, to do it.  However, I doubt
that he will be willing to make any formal commitments this
far in advance of next June.  I'll bring the matter up with him,
however, & see what he says. 

Again, all this typing is getting pretty cumbersome.  I'll give you
a phone call as soon as I know some more -- perhaps early next
week.  Let me know how SETPRI works & what your reactions to 
the rest of this are.


P.S. I'm looking into the upcoming DATE75 problem.  What is your
state WRT that???