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Liz left for Europe on Tuesday.  She did write to Susanne and got a reply.
Liz was going to call her and get together with her.  In fact, she probably has
done so already. In her letter, Susanne mentioned something about leaving Zurich
permanently.  Is it because of something permanent between you two?  
	Nancy called up this morning.  She's moving again.  We're going sailing
together on Monday.  I'
	Still no definite plans for the summer.  I have  hired my first full time
engineer.  He will be starting around July 1, so I will be busy at least initially.
It looks like I will get another government contract- NRL.  For a small arm, complete
with LSI-11 micropocessor and interface to a PDP-10.  
	AI is doing OK, but come July 1 we'll see.  
Joe and Charlie leave on June 1. Many others on July 1.  Last week we had
the second annual trip to the Drakesbaad Hot Springs in Lassen Nalt. Park.  This year
there was 6 feet of snow still on the ground.
	I'm still comming East sometime soon.  I'll call you from NYC.  Maybe I'll even
crash for a night at you place.