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.instr Carolyn Talcott, |AI Lab (497-4971)|, by appointment.
.ta Martin Brooks, |AI Lab (497-4971)|, |(tentatively) LOTS Tu-Th 7-9pm and by appointment.|
.meet |MWF  9:00|, Terman 156
.books |McCarthy and Talcott, LISP, Programming and Proving (sold in class)@
.MACLISP Manual @
.DECsystem-20 Overview (Basic LOTS Manual)@
.Weissman, Clark, LISP 1.5 Primer (Optional)|
.work |	 This course consists of lectures, homework, a midterm 
.examination, a final examination, and a term project.  Projects will be 
.due on the  day of the final  examination.  It is possible to get a 
.grade of B+ or Pass in the course without doing a  project, and the 
.grade of INC  will be given only under exceptional circumstances.  
.Therefore, those who  aspire to some flavor of  A  should start their 
.projects early.  A handout with more complete information on the term 
.project will be out soon.|
.|  We will be using the LOTS computing facility.  
.It is located in the CERAS building (East of the bookstore on Galvez St).
.Additional terminals, printers, etc. are also located on the ground floor of
.the Terman Engineering Center.
.Both facilities are scheduled to be open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.
.To get an account, go to LOTS, obtain an "Introduction to LOTS" 
.handout and fill out the attached form.  Then find an available terminal, 
.type OPEN after getting the system's attention, and follow the 
.instructions.  Your account should be ready after one working day.  
.You can "login" as GUEST with password GUEST just to try the system out.|

	The following books, manuscripts, papers, reports, etc. are
on reserve at the Computer Science Library:

    [SAILON is an abbreviation for Stanford Artificial Intelligence 
Laboratory Operating Note; AIM abbreviates Artificial Intelligence

Allen, John R., "Anatomy of LISP", McGraw-Hill spring 1978.

Baumgart, Bruce G., "MICRO PLANNER Alternate Reference Manual", 
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Other publications about LISP, data structures, and other languages used in AI:

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