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                         STANFORD UNIVERSITY


                     ORGANIZATION OF THE COURSE

	This course consists of lectures, homework (Most of this will
consist of LISP problems to be  solved  using  the  PDP-10  and  with
evidence  of  success handed to the grader), a midterm examination, a
final examination, and a term project.  The  midterm  will  occur  on
November  5 and the final examination on December 16.   Projects will
be due on the day of the final examination.  It is possible to get  a
grade  of  B+  or Pass in the course without doing a project, and the
grade of INC will be  given  only  under  exceptional  circumstances.
Therefore,  those  who  aspire to some flavor of A should start their
projects early.  Projects may be done either using the PDP-10 or  the
IBM 360.

	I  am  usually to be found in the afternoon at the Artificial
Intelligence Project, (on Arastradero  Road  between  Page  Mill  and
Alpine  Roads),  X4971,  and  will  normally  be  available for brief
consultation after class.

	The teaching assistant is Mr. Gunnar Grape. His office hours
are after class in Polya 202. He can also be found at the AI-project
on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Mostly in the afternoon.  The
extension is  4971.

	All texts plus extra copies of handouts, assignments, etc. 
will be available from  one  of  the  secretaries  in Room 102, Polya
during secretarial working hours.

	The texts for the course will be the LISP 1.6 Programmer's 
manual, the REDUCE manual, and the Course Notes. LISP is available at
a price of 2$, REDUCE will be available soon, and successive chapters 
of the Course Notes will be distributed as they become available. The 
price of the Course Notes is page-dependent, but 25 cents per chapter 
seems likely.

						John McCarthy