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00100						Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
00200						Computer Science Department
00300						Stanford University
00400						Stanford, California 94305
00500						May 31, 1973
00700	Dr. John M. Evans, Jr.
00800	Institute for Computer Sciences and Technology
00900	U.S. Department of Commerce
01000	National Bureau of Standards
01100	Washington, D.C., 20234
01400	Dear Dr. Evans:
01600		In response to your telephone inquiry of about a week ago you
01700	will find, enclosed, layout drawings of the Stanford Arm and  a  side
01800	view  sketch  to  scale of the new M.I.T.  arm I have designed.   The
01900	Stanford Arm layout details a new version of the electric arm we have
02000	been  using  for several years.  This new version has a longer reach,
02100	stiffer joints and better motors .
02300		I  am  planning  to  build  a  Stanford  Arm for the Stanford
02400	Research Institute, and will consider building a second  one  at  the
02500	same  time  should you be interested.  The price is about $10,000 for
02600	the arm and a  vise  grip  hand  with  potentiometer  and  tachometer
02700	feedback on all joints.  This includes the low backlash option on the
02800	harmonic drives for the first two joints.    A  power  supply  and  a
02900	simple  manual  controller  are  included but you will have to supply
03000	your own computer interface and a/d, dacs,etc. as I do not  have  the
03100	time or resources to develop these on an individual basis at present.
03300		The M.I.T.      arm  is  a  small  "desk  top"  all  electric
03400	manipulator  which  will  cost  somewhere around $4000.   It features
03500	portability, compactness and relatively  low  cost.       An  initial
03600	production  run of 10 arms is being made with M.I.T. getting at least
03700	3 of these.  I am not yet taking orders for any of the rest,  but  am
03800	soliciting  letters  of  intent.     When the bugs are worked out and
03900	M.I.T.  has taken as many arms as they want, I will sell the rest  to
04000	those groups or organizations who I feel will be in a position to use
04100	the arm in reasonably short order. Presently there are enough  groups
04200	interested  to warrent a production run of 25 or 30 arms, but as I do
04300	not  have  the  time  to  make  a  full  time  business  of   selling
04400	manipulators  I  intend  to  make  only limited editions for the time
04500	being.
04700		Should  you  have any furthur questions, feel free to contact
04800	me; preferably by phone as I am behind in my written correspondence.
05000						Sincerely,
05300						Victor Scheinman