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	This paper covers the specifications for an EPROM memory board for
an LSI-11, an EPROM programmer and the software related to programming the

	For long term non-volatile program storage,  the EPROM has  many
advantages over Core and ROM.  The major ones being that it CAN be changed
should a new  system be  desired, and  also it  is not  subject to  parity
errors which can damage a core image.

	We want a double wide, extended length DEC board to hold at least 8
of the INTEL 2708  EPROMs.  These are  1k x 8 , 24  pin packages.  All  the
logic for reading these chips shall be  on the board.  In addition all  the
necessary wiring for writing into these chips shall also be on the  board.
This means that it must  not be necessary to  remove any chips from  the
board to program  them.  It is  desirable but not  necessary to have  the
electronics for programming on the board.  A simple means of attaching the
programming electronics must be included for off board electronics.

	Software for programming  the chips must  also be supplied.   This
software is to run in an LSI-11 and must be capable of copying contents of
RAM into EPROM.  Typically, the  LSI-11 will have 8-20k  of RAM and 8k  of
EPROM.  It is necessary to write up to 8k of this RAM into EPROM.  The ram
will be loaded from paper tape, cassette, or floppy disk.  The programming
software will  similarly  be  loaded  or  else  be  on  a  separate  EPROM
programming board.   A simple,  easy to  use copying  command sequence  is
necessary which will allow fully loading the EPROMs in a few minutes.
A compare routine must also be supplied to compare programmed EPROM to RAM,
as a test for proper programming.

		Typical Application Senario.

	It is desired to update the  program in an inuse robot  controller
using an LSI-11.  Operator removes the EPROM board(s) and puts the  entire
board under a UV erasing source  for the prescribed amount of time.   Next
the board is loaded back into the LSI-11 (this can be a different  LSI-11)
and any extra  RAM or  interface cards plugged  in as  required.  The  new
program is loaded and so is the EPROM programming software.  In  addition,
the EPROM  programming  electronics  are  plugged  in  as  required.   The
operator starts the program, and the new program is EPROMed in a matter of
minutes.  In the case of more than  one EPROM board, this can be done  one
board  at  a  time.   Next,  power  is  turned  off  and  the  programming
electronics and the extra RAM (if necessary) are removed. The computer  is
turned back on, and the new control program is up and running.

			What We Want

	Unimation  requests   a  fixed   price  quote   on  building   and
demonstrating this  complete  unit...EPROM board,  EPROM  programmer,  and
EPROM programming  software.   The  hardware  is  to  be  wire-wrappped  or
breadboarded, but  P.C. layouts  are not  required.  Clear  schematic  and
parts drawings are required, showing all  part values.  Software is to  be
delivered in  paper tape  format or  other suitable  format which  can  be
converted to  paper  tape or  EPROM  itself.   A source  listing  is  also
required.   A  demonstration   is  also  required.    This  will   involve
programming at least 4k words of  EPROM and demonstrating that more  words
on separate boards can also be programmed.  Typical program length will be
7k being loaded into 8k words space of EPROM

	Unimation will supply all hardware and EPROMs, which are to remain
Unimation property.   Unimation  reserves the  right  to limit  the  parts
supply in the case of unexplained frying of EPROMs, etc.

	Project is to be  completed within 60  days after granting,  Delay
past 60 days will result in a  10% penalty, and after 90 days, we  reserve
the right to terminate or renegotiate the entire contract.

	Partial payment schedules can also be negotiated, subject to
demonstration of meaningful progress.

	For furthur information contact me:
		Vic Scheinman
		Unimation, Inc.
		154 East Dana Street
		Mountain View, Ca. 94041
		Tel. 965-0557