perm filename DVIDD[3,2] blob sn#671552 filedate 1982-08-07 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
DVIDD is a program to display the contents of a DVI file (the output of TeX)
on a DataDisc screen.  To run the program, say

	.r dvidd;filename

where "filename" is the name of your DVI file (extension ".DVI" is optional).
While running the program, you may use the following commands (where "n" is
any string of digits):

	FORM	move text up (about 3/4 of a window)
	VT	move text down
	←	move text left
	→	move text right
	P	go to the next page
	+P	go to the next page
	-P	go to the previous page
	nP	go to page n
	+nP	go forward n pages
	-nP	go back n pages
	ALT	abort partially typed command
	E	exit from the program
	?	display list of commands

<Control> and <meta> bits accompanying commands are ignored.

DVIDD reads fonts in the "PXL" format output by METAFONT.  This currently only
includes Computer Modern fonts.  The default area for font files is [PXL,SYS].

Currently a full set of CM fonts at magnification 1.5 exists.  If your document
uses another magnification, the program will show it at magnification 1.5
anyway.  If this causes the pages to be too wide for the screen, use the ← and →
commands to move around and see everything.

If you have any comments or suggestions, send a message to JJW.