perm filename DSKSIZ[3,2]1 blob sn#319260 filedate 1977-12-06 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
DSKSIZ is a program to report how much disk you are using and what your
disk allocation is.  The format of the command is:

	DSKSIZ <programmer name>

where the programmer name is assumed to be your login name if you don't
specify one.  The program first asks you if you wish to save the printed output
in a file called PURGE.LST in your aliased area.  Next it types out (and
optionally writes in PURGE.LST) your allocation and the size of all your
file directories and the size of the files you are using on the area [1,2].
Finally, it tells you whether you are under allocation or not and by how
much.  If you are over allocation, it asks you if you wish to write the file
PURDAT with the file names of what the purger would purge.