perm filename DOVER[3,2]3 blob sn#569658 filedate 1981-03-08 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
The monitor command DOVER now runs the SPOOL program to spool a request for
the Dover printer.  Monitor command Q/D shows the Dover queue, and UNSPOOL/D
allows unspooling from the Dover queue.  The following spool switches
apply to Dover spoolings (this list can be obtain by R PRESS and HELP EMPRESS).

Switches are:
  /NoHeader	  suppress heading at top of each page (default for .LST files)
  /Header	  put heading at the top of each page (normal default)
  /Font=<name>	  use named font (default is SAIL) (name can include size)
  /FSize=n	  set font size to n (default is 8)
  /LHeight=n      set line height (vert distance per line) to n (default 133)
  /NChars=n       set max number of chars per line to n (default 95)
  /NLines=n       set number of lines/page to n (sets LHeight implicitly)(68)
  /TMargin=n	  set top margin to n (default 1092)
  /BMargin=n	  set bottom margin to n (default 950)
  /LMargin=n	  set lefthand margin to n (default 1070)
  /Rotate	  rotate listing 90 degrees counter-clockwise.
		  Rotated defaults: Font=SAIL8(rot90); NChars=132; NLines=58;
				    TMar=1070; LMar=950; BMar=850; LHeight=115.
  (Margins and line height above are specified in thousandths of an inch.)

None of the above switches applies if the file being spooled is already a
Press file, since Press files contain complete formatting information.

Other normal spooler switches can also be used with Dover listings, e.g.,
/Repeat=n can be used to make n copies.  The /Octal switch is NOT
implemented for the Dover, nor is the /PLimit=n switch.

For more details about Press files (used to print on the Dover), give the
monitor command HELP PRESS (or READ PRESS).