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There are three Dover printers at Stanford:

    DOVER	2nd floor Margaret Jacks Hall
    ROVER	4th floor Margaret Jacks Hall
    PLOVER	Durand 080

Use the following monitor commands to access the Dover.

    .DOVER <filename>		sends a text or Press file to the Dover
				using the SPOOL program
    .R DVIdover;<filename>	sends a DVI file to the Dover
    .Q/D			checks the Dover spool queue
    .UNSPOOL/D			allows removal of Dover spool requests

To use Rover or Plover, substitute the name "Rover" or "Plover" for "Dover",
or the letter "R" or "P" for "D" in the above.

The following spool switches apply to the DOVER, ROVER and PLOVER commands:

  /NoHeader	  suppress heading at top of each page (default for .LST files)
  /Header	  put heading at the top of each page (normal default)
  /Font=<name>	  use named font (default is SAIL) (name can include size)
  /FSize=n	  set font size to n (default is 8)
  /NChars=n       set max number of chars per line to n (default 95)
  /NLines=n       set number of lines/page to n (sets LHeight implicitly)(69)
  /LHeight=n      set line height (vert distance per line) to n (default 131)
  /XLineS=n	  set extra interline spacing to n (default is 20, sets LHeight)
  /TMargin=n	  set top margin to n (default 1092)
  /BMargin=n	  set bottom margin to n (default 950)
  /LMargin=n	  set lefthand margin to n (default 1070)
  /Rotate	  rotate listing 90 degrees counter-clockwise.
		  Rotated defaults: Font=SAIL8(rot90); NChars=132; NLines=58;
				    TMar=1070; LMar=950; BMar=850; LHeight=115.
  (Margins, LHeight, and XLineS above are specified in thousandths of an inch.)

The line spacing can be set with any one of the three switches /NLines, /LHeight
and /XLineS, or it can be left to the default.  The default spacing is done by
setting XLineS=20 and using the formula below.  Setting XLineS=0 results in
fairly tight line spacing, but negative values for XLineS are also permitted,
for even tigher spacing.  Unless NLines or LHeight is specified, this formula
determines the spacing:
			   FSize * 1000
	LHeight = XLineS + ------------ (thousandths of an inch)

(Actually, for rotated output with neither NLines nor LHeight specified, this
formula applies unless there is also NO FONT SIZE and NO XLINES given, in which
case NLines=58 is used, to fit one lineprinter-format page per Dover page.)

None of the above switches applies if the file being spooled is already a
Press file, since Press files contain complete formatting information.

Other normal spooler switches can also be used with Dover listings, e.g.,
/Repeat=n can be used to make n copies.  The /Octal switch is NOT
implemented for the Dover, nor is the /PLimit=n switch.

For complete spooler documentation, see the SPOOL appendix of the Monitor
Command Manual, online as MONCOM.BH[S,DOC].

Type HELP DFONTS for information about Dover fonts.
Type HELP DVIDOV for more information about the DVIdover program.