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There are several areas where documentation is kept on this system.
Most important are:

[AIM,DOC]	Texts of some A.I. Memos, which report research results.
[BIB,DOC]	Bibliographies of various kinds.
[S,DOC]		Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Operating
		Notes (SAILONS).  These are usually manuals for
		systems programs.
[UP,DOC]	User Program Documentation.
[H,DOC]		Hardware Documentation.
[P,DOC]		"People-oriented" files, including the laboratory
		telephone directory.

The extension for files on [*,DOC] are usually the initials of its
maintainer.  Updates will have the same filename and extension UPD.

Brief description of system programs may be found on PRUNE.DAT[1,3].
Many users also maintain PRUNE.DAT files which may occasionally be