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To tell the system that your terminal is a Datamedia Elite 2500A (or an emulated
such terminal), type the command TTY DM.  Datamedias (DMs) are considered full
displays by the operating system and essentially all of the facilities available
on local displays (DDs and IIIs) are also available on DMs.  However, since the
keyboard is different, you must type in certain things slightly differently.

Here is what you type (SUMEX DM keyboard) to get certain effects:

To get:		     Type:	 Then:	       Comments:

[ESC]		     [NUL]		       Most DD [ESC] cmnds work
[BREAK]		     [NUL]	   -	       That's a minus sign
CONTROL-<char>	     EDIT-<char>	       Hold EDIT and type <char>
META-<char>	     EDIT-[NUL]  <char>	       Takes two keystrokes
META-CONTROL-<char>  EDIT-[NUL]  EDIT-<char>   Also two keystrokes

[CLEAR]		     <bottom unlabelled key at left>   Or type [MR]; clears line
[CALL]		     [CALL]		       Like two ↑Cs on non-display
CONTROL-[CALL]	     EDIT-[CALL]	       Deferred CALL, like one ↑C
[BS]		     [DEL]		       This is backspace
[FORM]		     [↑L]		       This is formfeed

<typeout suspend>    [HOLD]		       This key toggles the
<typeout resumed>    [HOLD]		        holding condition

If you type [NUL] or EDIT-NUL and then decide you don't really mean it,
type [DEL] to undo the [NUL], or type [NUL] and then [DEL] to undo EDIT-NUL.

For more details on the use of Datamedia terminals, read DM.ME[UP,DOC].