perm filename DISPLA[3,2]1 blob sn#000075 filedate 1972-06-10 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
00100	                           DISPLAY CONTROL
00300	   TO GET	     TYPE    THEN THEN	    TO GET	  TYPE	  THEN THEN
00400	call monitor (↑C↑C) [CALL]		deferred call(↑C) (CON)[CALL]
00500	flush typout (↑O)   [ESC]    O		undo ↑O		  [BREAK] O
00600	start WHO line	    [ESC]    W		flush WHO line	  [BREAK] W
00700	typout pause	(CON)[BREAK]		continue typout (CON)[CLEAR]
00800	end of file(↑Z) (CON)(META)[LF]			     or <activation char>
00900	pause Nth line      [ESC]   <N>   E	line pause←∞      [ESC]   E
01000	pause Nth glitch    [ESC]   <N>   J	glitch pause←∞	  [ESC]	  J
01100	glitches/screen     [ESC]   <N>   G	set lines/glitch  [ESC]   <N>   L
01200	vert. position      [ESC]  <line> Y
01400	                             TV CONSOLES
01600	DD white on black   [ESC]    C		DD black on white [BREAK] C
01700	DD refresh	    [ESC]    P		DD clear&refresh  [BREAK] P
01800	normalize page	    [ESC]    N		DD clear&normalize[BREAK] N
01900	hide channel (norm.)[ESC]    H		unhide channel	  [BREAK] H
02000	select channel      [ESC]   <chan> S    select line       [BREAK] <line> S
02100	add channel	    [ESC]   <chan> A    add line	  [BREAK] <line> A
02200	delete channel	    [ESC]   <chan> D	delete line	  [BREAK] <line> D
02300	A null <chan> or <line> means yours.  Thus, [ESC] S normalizes the switch.
02400	Channels:  0:37 Data Disc     42 Sierra camera   45  Conference room TV
02500		   40 utter blankness 43 Kintel camera   46  color synthesizer
02600		   41 Cohu camera   $ 44 cart receiver   47  video synthesizer