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The DIRECTORY command is used to list information about disk files.  It runs the
COPY program.  A description of the various forms of the command is contained in
the COPY section of the Monitor Command Manual, readable online as the file
MONCOM.BH[S,DOC], with updates in MONCOM.UPD[S,DOC].  Examples:

  .dir			lists all the files in your area
  .dir baz.*		lists files with name BAZ and any extension
  .dir [prj,prg]	lists all the files in area [prj,prg]
  .dir foo←		puts output in file FOO
  .dir/full		includes full information about files listed

The DIRED program is a display-oriented directory editor.  Type HELP DIRED for
more information.

To create new directories, or change directory parameters, use the UFD command.