perm filename DICK4.PL[1,VDS] blob sn#169468 filedate 1975-07-14 generic text, type C, neo UTF8
C00001 00001
C00002 00002							3689 South Court 
C00008 ENDMK
						3689 South Court 
						Palo Alto, Ca. 94306
						June 1, 1975

Dear Dick and Ellen and kate and Jenny:

	Hi again.  This is just a brief note  to thank you for making
our  short  stay pleasant.    Both  Nancy and  I  enjoyed  our visit,
although we may have not expressed  that upon leaving.  I really  was
suffering  from  "hay   fever"  at  the  time,  and   the  effort  of
concentrating on Kates bicycle was almost too much.  As I guessed, by
the time we arrived  in Eureke, I was  feeling better.  I  think that
its all a  matter of getting used to it.  Just  as with cats, if I am
around  them  constantly,  its  OK,  but  if  I  just  pick  them  up
occaisionally, my nose and eyes are in trouble.  

	Our trip to the Trinity Alps was pleasant  too. We went to an
area relatively close  to Eureka- the Canyon Creek Lakes region, just
north of Junction City.  As it was, we arrived at the starting  point
about 4 pm, and were able to  hike in only about 5 miles before dark.
So it was good that we didnt go up to Howard's, for I know I would be
there another hour or longer. 

	Nancy got poison  oak- and  now 10 days  later she is  almost
over it.   I must be completely immune, for I have yet to get it from
your Petrolia greenery.  In looking for some treatment for the poison
oak, we came across a medicine known as immune-oak.  It seems that if
you drink  a bit of this stuff a few weeks  prior to going out in the
wilds, it makes you immune to poison oak.  Sounds good.  You ought to
buy a supply and mail some to all your expected guests.  

	I am  sorry about  taking you house  building books  with us.
Either  you(Dicck) or  I left them  in the car.   We  noticed them in
Junction City.  By then it was impractical to personally return them.
I hope you survived well without them.  

	Mom  called from  Tel Aviv.   I  seems that  she had  not yet
recieved any word from us.  I assurred her that we had both  written.
By now  she must  have heard.   In any  event, I  gave her the  quick
rundown of all the  good news, so she was satisfied and happy for the
moment.  She will be in London for a few days towards the end  of the
month.  Write a quick letter to her there.  She says that whe will be
comming out  to Petrolia around the the first week in August.  I have
assured her that you will have everything in order by then. 

	Well, I'll plan another trip up to see you when she is there.
This time, I'll  plan on staying a bit longer...  so my nose will get
used to the climate.