perm filename DICK3.PL[1,VDS] blob sn#161494 filedate 1975-06-01 generic text, type C, neo UTF8
C00001 00001
C00002 00002							3689 South Court 
C00008 ENDMK
						3689 South Court 
						Palo Alto, Ca. 94306
						June 1, 1975

Dear Dick and Ellen and kate and Jenny:

	My friend Charles Wilson  from whom I bought my  house in Los
Gatos,is bringing you the examining table.  He will finally be moving
permanently  to Whitethorn in about  a week.  I  suggest you write to
him with instructions on how to get it to you, as I wasnt  sure where
you are at this time, nor what your summer schedules are.  Charlie is
a  very nice fellow.   His wife is  too.  He  has been making regular
visits to  the Stanford  Hospital for  occaisional tests  for a  mild
epilleptic tendency.  He knows  you are a doctor, and he told me that
he has told  the hospital  here that  he intends  to use  you as  his
doctor.  I hope you are receptive.  In any  event, I told him to talk
to  you.   I  get the  impression  that he  is  after a  guy  who can
communicate on his wavelength,  and I think you  are his type.   Dont
forget to write to him, pronto  concerning the examining table, as if
he keeps  it too long, its top may split and crack, as he doesnt have
room in his house  for it.  The  table has stirrips, which  I removed
for shipping.   Ask him for  them, if they are not  attached when you
get the table.   His  address is  Charles Wilson;  Star Route;  Whale
Gulch; Whitethorn, Ca.  Of course he has no phone or electricity.  

	Enclosed is a booklet  on a neat wind- power  system a fellow
in  Mountain View sells.   I went over  to his place,  and this seems
like a nice device.  The only problem is the fact that you must place
it  in an  exposed  location,  which means  that  it  will be  rather
visible.   Charlie is building his own  wind generator from this same
fellow's plans.  

	Today  Ron and  I  went  to  the Kinetic  Sculpture  Race  of
Cupertino.  All the Ferndale contraptions were there, plus a few more
from the bay area.  Of course, not many of them worked, but it was  a
good show.   Have you  been to the  original annual race  in Ferndale
yet?  I've been thinking, and it seems that Petrolia ought to have an
entry. With some decent engineering a winning sculpture  could easily
be created.  I could help out with the design.  Maybe you could get a
group together to execute it.  Think about it. 

	I talked to Mom today, and she seems well.  At long last I am
going to  the East Coast.   Next  Monday is the  day.   I will be  in
Washington for a couple of days and then will spend some time at home
straightening out  things there  before  visiting a  few  prospective
customeres on the way back.  

	I have hired my first full time engineer.  He is a fellow who
has  just graduated from  Stanford, and  appears very competent.   He
will start work around July 1.  I hope that this will lighten my load
a bit. 

	Liz is  in Europe  now.   Her arm  was just  about completely
healed by the time she left.  

	I hope  all is well with you.  Write occaisionally.  And dont
forget to call Mom.  By  the way, where is that letter you  forgot to
mail.  The one about the movie films... look in your glovebox. 

	My car is just about  on its last legs.  Were you planning on
wanting Dad's VW, or will I be able to have it?