perm filename DICK1[1,VDS] blob sn#081092 filedate 1974-01-07 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
00100					3689 South Court
00200					Palo Alto, Ca. 94306
00300					January 7, 1973
00500	Dear Dick:
00700		Enclosed is that article in Consumer  Reports,  in  case  you
00800	didn't get around to buying a copy of your own.  To find out how good
00900	Connecticut Mutual is you'll have to wait until March,  possibly  too
01000	late  to make a decision.  In the mean time you'll have to be content
01100	with reading the summary of policy types at the beginning.    As  you
01200	will  note  there,  if  you cant find anything better to do with your
01300	money, you might as well buy Whole Life.  Otherwise, Term is a better
01400	bet  if  you  can  get 5%or more after taxes.  I think your Municipal
01500	Bonds pay more than  that,  so  already  you  arent  winning.    Your
01600	decision  should be to carry insurance or not at all. I leave that up
01700	to you.  While you are looking into insurance,  get  a  copy  of  the
01800	Consumers Reports Buying guide, I think they still reprinting some of
01900	their findings from a study they did several years ago on  insurance.
02000	It  may also prove useful to you in your decision, in lieu of parts 2
02100	and 3 of the current study.  One alternative is to  see  if  you  can
02200	just  keep  your  policy in limbo until you make a decision.  Or else
02300	draw out all the accrued asset value.  I can talk  things  over  with
02400	you some more when I visit on Thurs. or Fri. with Sue.
02600		In the meantime, have fun reading over the article.
02800		Regards to Ellen, Kate and Jennifer, and my apologizes to all
02900	over my now nearly unbroken string of broken dinner appointments!!!
03200							Vic