perm filename DICK[1,VDS] blob sn#054263 filedate 1973-07-17 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
00100						3689 South Court
00200						Palo Alto, Ca. 94306
00300						July 16, 1973
00500	Hi Dick:
00700		Glad  to hear that you're headed West .  In spite of the fact
00800	that I have communicated very little with you, Gloria, and Sue I sort
00900	of  expected  that the lure of the Rockies, Tetons, and Sierras would
01000	bring some or all of you West this summer.  I'm busy as ever here  at
01100	Stanford,  but  have  decided  to take a week or two off this summer.
01200	Tomorrow I leave for Idaho where I hope to do some hiking  and  river
01300	rafting.  I'll be back around July 28.  I'll be home for the month of
01400	August before leaving on a few week trip to Italy (if all goes well),
01500	to  read  a couple of papers at a conference there. You are certainly
01600	welcome to stay at my house.  As long as you want. There is a key  to
01700	the  front  door  hanging  in the right corner of the partly finished
01800	reddish-brown storage cabinet located thru the gate on the right side
01900	of the house.  Use it if you come by and I'm away.
02100		Well, here's hoping to see you sometime in the near future.
02300		Regards to all who may be with you or in touch