perm filename DIALOG.TMP[USE,CSR]11 blob sn#603569 filedate 1981-08-03 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
Hello! Please wait a minute while I read in the address file....

The address file contains a total of 1729 entries.

  CSREPORT system:  What can I do for you? MAIL
MAIL subsystem: AVERY or CHESHIRE labels? AVERY
MAIL subsystem: Sending abstracts or reports? ABSTRACTS
OK, I'm making the labels for you...
The mailing labels have been written onto file LABELS.TMP. 
To print them, see instructions in the user manual; be sure to delete
this file afterwards.

  CSREPORT system:  What can I do for you? 
No changes made to ADDFIL.DSK this time.

See you later. Be sure to xspool a copy of DIALOG.TMP,
which records what happened today.