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Dialnet documentation is available online as DIALNE[DIA,JMC] and
PROTOC.PUB[DLN,MRC].  Documentation for the Dialnet File Transfer
Program at SU-AI exists as DLNFTP.IAZ[UP,DOC].  Documentation on
the Dialnet TELNET program exists as DTLNET.MRC[UP,DOC].

User programming for the Dialnet port on WAITS is documented in
DLNSER.DOC[SS,SYS]; the Tops-20 implementation is documented in

Dialnet uses the universal host table used by the Arpanet software,
as documented in HSTTAB.RFC[NET,MRC].

The current hosts up on Dialnet are the Stanford University
Aritificial Intelligence Lab (SAIL - dat's here, folks!) and the
Graduate School of Business (GSB, a Tops-20 system down on campus).
Plans are being made to purchase modems for SCORE and LOTS (see
your favorite bureaucrat for more details).