perm filename DFTP[3,2]5 blob sn#270107 filedate 1977-03-19 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
00100	DFTP is the user program to store and retrieve  files  on  the
00200	CCA  Datacomputer.   User files are compactified into a single
00300	Datacomputer file, called the "<FILES>", and are stored on the
00400	Ampex  terabit  mass  memory  in a similar data structure to a
00500	DECtape.  (Looks like a TENEX directory to the user.)
00700	DFTP   is   documented  in  DFTP.MRC[UP,DOC].        For  more
00800	information on DFTP, contact  MRC.   Other  experienced  users
00900	willing  to  answer  simple  questions or give an online demo:
01000	REM.    To  report  a  problem   in   DFTP,   send   mail   to
01100	Bug-DFTP@MIT-AI.
01300	DCSTAT is the program to print the status of the Datacomputer.
01400	DC-203 (ie, the Datacomputer on the 203 socket at CCA) must be
01500	both   "EXISTS"   and  "LISTENING"  in  order  to  access  the
01600	Datacomputer.   DC-303 is the  older,  obsolete  Datacomputer.
01700	If  DFTP behaves strangely, it is a good idea to run DCSTAT to
01800	see if the Datacomputer is still up.