perm filename DFTP[3,2]1 blob sn#246907 filedate 1976-11-16 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
DFTP is the user program to archive files to CCA  Datacomputer
Ampex  terrabit  memory  (TBM),  and  to  retrieve  them.  See
DFTP.MRC[UP,DOC] for details, or consult an expert:  MRC, REM.
Datarate  is  quite  slow (600 to 1600 baud typically, i.e. 20
seconds to a minute per thousand words), so large files should
be  data-compressed  if  possible  before transport. Type HELP
SPINDL for info on data-compression.
	DFTP.OLD  is  currently  (1976.Nov.14)  the  version-1
program that archives files to CCA disk  (not  TBM)  and  will
probably  go  away  as soon as all files have been copied from
disk to TBM.