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A list of fonts for the Stanford Dover printers is available at the
receptionist's desk in Margaret Jacks Hall.  Fonts for the Dover fall into
two general classes: MetaFont fonts, and other fonts.

Most of the non-Metafont fonts were donated by Xerox, though a few have
come by way of MIT and Carnegie-Mellon.  These are generally available in
even-point sizes (e.g., 8pt, 10pt, 12pt), and the smaller sizes are scaled
versions of the larger ones.  Some also come in odd sizes, and in 90-,
180- or 270-degree rotations.

The Metafont fonts in the Computer Modern family are available in 10-point
and smaller sizes, but the smaller sizes are not generally scaled versions
of the larger ones.  (A few also come in sizes larger than 10 points.)
There are also magnified versions, which are larger scaled versions of the
standard size fonts.  Magnification is specified in "steps", which are
powers of 1.2, so that a document containing fonts at various magnifications
can itself have an overall magnification applied to it.