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	This   agreement  between   Dest   and  VICARM   covers   the
manufacture, by  Dest Data Corp. of the arm  known as the Stanford or
Scheinman arm, and  any modified or derivative  version of this  arm.
Specifically excluded  from this  agreement is the  arm known  as the
M.I.T. arm.

	Dest will manufacture, market, maintain and guarantee the arm
in  accordance with  standard  Dest policy  just as  detailed  in the
original agreement of  August 2,   1973. For  each arm  manufactured,
Dest will guarantee to purchase the equivalent of $4000 or 40% of the
real  or anticipated  profits whichever  is the  greatest,   worth of
consulting and engineering time from VICARM at a rate of $50 per hour
to be paid  monthly, within 30 days of billing  date, for actual time
used. Unused time will be paid for by Dest within 30 days of delivery
of each arm  or system.  This  time will be  used by VICARM,   at the
same  rate, for furthur  research and  development on this  type arm.
Results of such work will be made available to Dest for incorporation
into  future  arms  and  systems.   This  agreement  applies  to  all
individual arms and each arm when single or multiple arms are part of
a system.  It also applies to all arms which are derivative from this
arm,  either directly or  indirectly, as  result of  knowledge gained
from the manufacture of the original arm.

	To encourage  reasonable  pricing, the  above consulting  fee
schedule  is based  on a  selling price  of $18,500  or more  per arm
(including the electronics  package).  For  arms or complete  systems
priced such that the per arm price  (in the case of systems the price
to be  determined by the system cost divided by the number of arms in
that system)  is  below this  figure, the  price  difference will  be
absorbed  equally by  Dest and  VICARM up  to a  maximum  of $6000.00
total. Thus, at a selling price of $12,500 or less per arm or  system
share, Dest  will be required  to buy a  minimum of  $1000 consulting
services from VICARM.

	To prevent Dest  from restricting arm  manufacture,arm orders
obtained  by  VICARM  will  be  first  presented  to Dest  for  their
acceptance under the  conditions above.   If refused(evidenced by  no
reply in more than 10 days), VICARM shall be free to manufacture that
particular arm or system themselves with no obligation to Dest.

	In  addition,   Dest will  agree to  mention VICARM,   Victor
Scheinman,     and  Stanford  University  in  all  their  literature,
publicity, and communications promoting or describing the  arm.  This
mention  will be  in  a context  such that  it  will be  clear  to an
unacquainted individual what each party's contribution to the arm has
been.  The size of  print used to make these claims will  be equal to
or  greater  than  the  average  print  size  used elsewhere  in  the
associated text.   All  photographs  or drawings  of the  arm  either
individually or as  part of any future system that  Dest may develop,
which  show the nameplate must  also give credit to  VICARM,  on that

	This  agreement  will remain  in  effect  until  modified  or
terminated by mutual  consent of the officers of  VICARM and Dest, or
for a period  of 2  years,   whichever comes  first.   In any  event,
signing or termination  of this agreement  does not alter in  any way
the terms  and conditions of the agreement  of August 2, 1973 between
Dest and VICARM, which is affirmed to be still in force.

	Dest will agree to treat all details and drawings supplied by
VICARM as confidential  and will not release, sell,  or license these
drawings, or designs  to anyone else without  the written consent  of

	Specifically  terminated   by  this  agreement   is  VICARM's
obligation to defend  and imdemnify Dest for any suits or settlements
arising out of patent  infringements or conflicts resulting from  the
information supplied by  VICARM, or obtained by  VICARM and suggested
to  Dest for their use. Also terminated  is the agreement that VICARM
is to supply  the electronics  package in the  event one is  ordered.
Dest will  provide the electronics on  all future arms,  should it be