perm filename DECUS.WR2[X,AIL] blob sn#061555 filedate 1973-09-06 generic text, type C, neo UTF8
C00001 00001
C00002 00002	The enclosed tape contains all the files needed to create an
C00004 ENDMK
The enclosed tape contains all the files needed to create an
(export) SAIL system.  Instructions on how to go about this may be
found in file TELLEM, which is on the tape.

The tape was written by the program "COPY" by the commands

	COPY MTA0:←FILES ; FILES is a file telling the names &
	COPY MTA0:←@FILES ; order for the other files

The tape is seven track & (I think) 556 bpi. The files are written
"straight": i.e. one physical file per logical file, with no header

Suggested method for reading the tape: Read off the file "FILES",
which is the first file on the tape.; then, edit FILES to make up
the appropriate PIP command file to read in the remaining files.
FILES (as it is written) contains ppns for files not on the area
[X,AIL] at stanford, so this editing phase is necessary.

NOTE: When this tape was made up, FILES contained "FILES" as its first
element.  Therefore FILES was put on the tape twice.

Good luck.

Russell H. Taylor
Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Stanford, California  94305

(415) 321-2300 x4971