perm filename DAD.L3[1,VDS] blob sn#146932 filedate 1975-02-17 generic text, type C, neo UTF8
C00001 00001
C00012 ENDMK
\CPALO ALTO, CA. 94306
\F4\←L\-R\/'7;\+R\→.\→S   Telephone:
\F1\CFebruary 16, 1975

Dear Mom:

	Enclosed  is  the  death  certificate   you  requested.    In
addition,  I have enclosed  some patient records  for you  to give to
Bernie.  Just give him the whole envelope.  I have also  sent letters
to both Mr. Witzling (lawyer), and David Mason for them to start work
on  the estate and the tax returns.   Witzling will proceed to set up
the estate account so that we can start paying the  bills.  Also, you
will be able to draw from it to cover immediate expenses.  

	I will  be back around the  middle of March, and  will stay a
while, possibly a week or two.  

	How have you been.   I'm only now  realizing how much I  miss
Dad.  Somehow, although we didn't see too much of each other, we were
close in our thoughts.   I know that Dad lived every day with me, and
I now sense the  emptyness of his not  being "there" anymore.   Well.
I'm  keeping  busy,  but  am  really  at  a  loss  without  my  chief
consultant.    I am  really  making a  serious effort  to  revise the
objectives of the company so  that I can soon seriously start  on the
PhD thesis.  My talk  with Robert May was fruitful, in the sense that
I made another potentially worthwhile contact.  I will meet with this
new fellow next week and will let you know something more later. 

	I have not  yet written to any  of my friends in  Europe, but
will  do  so shortly.    I must  send  Nicole,  Antonia, and  Katerina
letters.  You can handle the others. 

	By the way, you mentioned plans to go to Israel sometime this
spring.   I  also remember  that you  had planned  to come  out here.
Somehow,  I am not  sure just which plan  was the more  final one.  I
assume that if you are going to go to Israel you  have already made a
charter flight reservation, or else planned a group trip, as you have
done so many times before.  

	I think you should get yourself an AAA membership.  This will
be good should  you have some  car trouble, such  as a flat  tire, or
even can't start the  car in the morning.  The peace of mind is worth
the $25 or whatever it costs.  In addition, they are a  travel agency
which plans trips by air, boat, train, etc., besides giving out maps.
You can order maps, travel books, etc. all by phone. 

	I  have not heard from Dick, but  assume that he is allright.
We  have been  having  a  large  amount of  rain  recently,  although
yesterday  and today  were beautiful.   Anita  must have  brought the
rain, for it started when she arrived  and lasted until she left.   I
guess that she will not have a very  good impression of San Francisco
because  of that.  As  it turned out, it  was good that I  put her in
contact with Liz, for most of  her other contacts here turned out  to
be sick or out of  town, etc.  She certainly can talk!!   By the way,
she will  be back in New York around the 6th  of March and not on the
23rd of February as I had thought.  

	Please keep all the letters and bills  we recieve in the next
month, as  it will be necessary to include them  in the estate.  I am
having David Mason start  on the tax returns for  last year.  He  may
call you  for information, although  I have  provided him with  a lot

	I suggest that  you call the office number  occaisionally and
ask the answering service for all the messages.  You should tell them
to keep sending patients to Bernie Handler.  Also, have them call you
should  they have  any personal  problems.   As  for questions  about
bills,  Anita will handle  them when she  gets back, or  else you can
take a message  and write it  to me.   I have Dad's  appointment book
with me so I can check  up on dates, details, etc.  The old bills are
in the basement for reference.  Keep records of your transactions  so
I can go over them when I come out again. 

	How  goes the interviewing  for a suitable couple  to room in
the house.  Remember, you can afford to be a  bit particular, for the
house is a fantastic place for  anyone to live in, and I am sure many
would like the opportunity of filling the available space.  I think a
reasonable charge is  in order, at  least to cover the  utilities and
heat.   From  Dads records  it costs about  $75/month for  heat, gas,
electricity.  The phone is extra.   You can save lots by turning  the
heat down to 55 or even 50 at night.  It will only take a short while
to go back up in the morning. 

	Is  the garage door fixed yet.  I  think it needs a new motor
assembly.  Call Sears and  be persistent.  Also, be careful  when you
open the door by hand, you can get your fingers caught in the cracks-
I know because I did once. 

	How's hebrew  school- are you  back to  your usual self  yet.
And, oh yes, I  remember that Teddy was going to come by for a visit.
Has he been by yet.  Say hello to him from me if he is there when you
get this letter. 

	I have enclosed  a rough summary of anticipated  expenses you
will have  with respect to the house, car, travel,  etc.  This is for
your information and is  only an estimate.   Time will tell what  the
real expenses will be.  

	I guess that this is it for now.  Remember, when you call, it
is  best to call me Collect  and I will refuse  the charges.  Or else
use the method Dad used and ask for Dr. Richard  Scheinman and I will
return the call.   It is also best to call  me between 10AM and 11AM,
or after 8 pm.   The morning calls are really  cheap ( only 25  cents
per  minute,  while  the  evening  calls  are  about  90 cents for  3